FCSSC is all about fun, friends, and fitness. We prioritize player safety, sportsmanship, having a great time and meeting lots of cool new people above all else. FCSSC is NOT about winning or performance in sport. The policies below reflect this. Please read them carefully before registering for any FCSSC league or event.


FCSSC Policies

Player Conduct

Schedules, Scores & Standings


Foul Weather

Registration, Credit & Refund Policy


FCSSC Policies

Minimum Age 19
All players must be 19 years of age or older. No exceptions will be made. This is a requirement of FCSSC's insurance and the legal responsibility of all players to comply. FCSSC reserves the right to check ID to confirm your age. Players that cannot produce ID, cannot play. If members are found to be less than 19 years of age they will be prohibited from further league play, without a refund, AND all games in which the underage player played will be recorded as a DEFAULTED GAME for the team on the official scoreboard.


All players, new, returning or substitute, MUST sign the waiver before taking the field/court.  Waivers must be signed each season.  Waivers signed in previous season are null and do not apply to current season play.

Waivers are to be filled out online as part of the registration process, or printed and returned to FCSSC before players begin to play. Teams with players who have not signed the waivers will not be allowed to play until all players on the roster have signed the waiver. 

Players who are found to be playing without having signed the waiver will be ejected from the game and/or the league, without refund.


Contact Information
FCSSC members' contact information is provided to other team captains and individual registrants in their sport, in the event that players need to communicate regarding league issues. If players wish to have their contact information omitted from team listings, then FCSSC cannot be held responsible for lapsed information or missed games. Contact information may also be posted by FCSSC members themselves at the Player Forum. Groups or individuals who take or use this information for any other purpose than communicating about FCSSC league activity will be ejected without appeal or refund and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. FCSSC will not sell or distribute contact information to third parties, ever.

ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED DURING LEAGUE PLAY, NO EXCEPTIONS. All of the facilities at which FCSSC plays, whether city-owned, school-board owned, or privately-owned are public places and have a strict ALCOHOL BAN in effect at all times. Teams or individuals caught consuming alcohol during league play will be expelled from the league without warning or refund. 


Respect for Facilities
Any team involved in an incident that results in the loss of a permit, facility, location or field will be expelled from the league, without warning or refund. Loss of permit may result from the following:

  • Having and/or consuming banned substances on-site. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL AT ANY PLAY SPACE AT ANY TIME (see ALCOHOL above). Many facilities also have clear and strict smoking rules that must be followed.
  • Damage to the property. Trespassing, vandalism or breakage of any kind at facilities where FCSSC plays is prohibited. Enter and exit ONLY by the specified areas. Do not wander the facilities in areas other than the gyms. Do not make excessive noise, throw balls, warm up or ‘practice’ in the hallways.
  • Foul or Inappropriate Language, especially in schools or parks where children may be present, is strictly prohibited.
  • Illegal parking. All members must comply with the parking instructions for the facility, as provided by FCSSC.  At no time can vehicles be left on the property of the facility where FCSSC plays before or after the game.


Team Captains
FCSSC Team Captains have responsibilities related to:

  • FCSSC Policies & Sport Rules: Understand FCSSC's policies and sport rules, and ensure that all members on the team comply.
  • Waivers: Ensuring all players have signed the FCSSC waiver, by either being added to the team roster and signing the waiver online, or by signing the substitute waiver here.
  • Roster Management & Substitute Players: Adding all regular players to the team roster, and finding substitutes as needed to field a team each week.
  • Player / Team Member Conduct: Ensuring all players abide by our Player Conduct policy, and enforce as needed
  • Schedules: Ensuring that all team members check and confirm the game time and location on their player page each week.
  • First Aid & Emergency Procedures: See below for details
  • Team Jerseys & Equipment: Ensure that the team has the required equipment for their sport, and is dressed appropriately (see below for details).


First Aid
First aid is the responsibility of the TEAM CAPTAIN (not FCSSC). Team Captains are strongly encouraged to bring a first aid kit equipped with the following (at a minimum) to each game for use in the event of minor scrapes, sprains and bruises: ice packs, band aids, tensors and athletic tape. If an FCSSC representative is on hand when there is an injury, we will be happy to assist in any way we can. FCSSC will endeavour to have back-up first aid supplies on hand for captains to use, however, FCSSC and its representatives, are not responsible for providing these supplies or administering first aid. FCSSC is not responsible for the cost of emergency care. It is at the sole discretion of the injured player and/or team whether to call an ambulance.

Any player who begins to bleed during a game must leave the playing area immediately. This player cannot return to the game until the bleeding has stopped and the wound has been sufficiently covered.


Team Jerseys & Personal Equipment
Teams are encouraged (but not required) to purchase team jerseys from FCSSC’s Uniform Shop, should we have a current jersey and personal equipment partner. You can design, and order your own, all on-line, at very competitive prices and with quick delivery!

Teams that choose not to purchase team jerseys should choose a team colour and all wear that colour to each game. Teams that look like a team play (more) like a team!

Players are asked to remove all watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc, prior to play. Please also wear pocket-less shorts or pants to help avoid finger injuries, especially when playing flag football and basketball.

Metal cleats are not permitted in any FCSSC leagues. Plastic cleats are welcome. Proper athletic footwear must be worn at all times. Players must comply with sport-specific rules for apparel, particularly in curling and golf.


Player Conduct


Player Safety & Conduct
FCSSC promotes fun, friendship & fitness, and we expect all members to follow our code of conduct. Members shall avoid offending, participating in disputes and otherwise disrupting a positive, enjoyable experience for other members. FCSSC expects members to create and contribute to a respectful, supportive, welcoming and fun environment for all. We are committed to promoting inclusiveness in our leagues, and expect all members to abide by our Inclusion, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Policy.

FCSSC expects members to comply with all discrimination, violence, harassment, sexual harassment, drug, alcohol and other laws in general, and most especially while participating in FCSSC-organized or sanctioned leagues and events. FCSSC will not allow any kind of discriminatory behaviour, threatening or intimidation, unwanted advances, harassment or victimization of members. FCSSC may take disciplinary action against members who fail to follow this code of conduct. FCSSC reserves the right to take whatever disciplinary action it deems appropriate against members who fail to follow our code of conduct, up to and including ejection suspension or expulsion from the a league and refusal to accept future registrations. In addition, subject to the limits of applicable law, FCSSC reserves the right to refuse registration, expel or suspend any member from any league as determined by FCSSC in its sole discretion.

Play that is competitive, overly aggressive, rough and/or unsportsmanlike such as pushing, shoving, elbowing, shouldering, kicking, punching, tripping, hacking, slashing, sliding, tackling, ball blasting, chirping, name calling, insulting, threatening and intimidating other players, is prohibited and will not be tolerated by FCSSC. FCSSC IS FIRST-AND-FOREMOST-FOR-FUN. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR COMPETITIVE, AGGRESSIVE OR UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT. ANY ROUGH OR PHYSICAL PLAY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION WHICH MAY INCLUDE IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE GAME, THE LEAGUE, THE CLUB AND/OR ALL OF THE ABOVE. 

Player Responsibility
All players should go out of their way to avoid contact with our players and/or eliminate actions or behaviours that could jeopardize player safety.  In the occurrence of accidental contact, players are expected to apologize, ensure everyone is alright and/or stop the game to seek appropriate help as required. When approached by an opponent or FCSSC staff about their playing or behaviour, players are expected to respond in a kind and respectful manner (regardless of whether they agree), and adjust as necessary.

Should you feel that a player on an opposing team is playing in an unsportsmanlike and dangerous manner, we encourage you to address your concern with the individual and notify your Game Host. FCSSC prioritizes fun and player safety – if the offending player does not comply with your requests to stop or change their behaviour, and the game is not fun or safe, the team captain should notify FCSSC staff immediately and/or the game should end.

It’s important to note that teams are also held accountable for their players’ behaviour. If a teammate is behaving inappropriately, it is expected that the team captain and other teammates will intervene to stop the offending behaviour immediately. Players from teams with a history or background of inappropriate behaviour may face disciplinary action, even for their first offence.


Please note that retaliating to conflict with unsportsmanlike behaviour is unacceptable, and that all incidents of overly competitive, aggressive or unsportsmanlike conduct WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES, regardless of who initiated. All FCSSC members are held to the same expectations and standards, which are summed up by this statement: “fun for all, kindness always”.


Team Captain Responsibility

Team captains are responsible for all players playing for their team: including all regular players (who MUST be included on the team roster), and substitute players. When needed, captains should help de-escalate in times of conflict. This could include asking players to take a break if they get heated, removing players from the roster who are not playing in the FCSSC spirit and proactively communicating with the office when they have issues either with their players or those on other teams. 


Finally, we expect team captains to lead in the settling of disputes. They should model behaviour that is in line with FCSSC’s for-fun philosophy, and that promotes coming to a resolution in an amicable way. 


Disciplinary Process

FCSSC takes complaints and reports of competitive, aggressive or unsportsmanlike conduct very seriously, and will investigate all reports internally. The following factors may be taken into account when deciding on disciplinary action:

  • Accounts from FCSSC Game Hosts (on-site staff), the victim, the accused member, team captains, and witnesses.
  • The severity of the offence
  • The accused member and/or team’s response to the incident at hand, as well as their response to previous warnings or incidents
  • The accused member and/or team’s history of inappropriate player conduct with FCSSC

In the event of competitive, aggressive or unsportsmanlike conduct during FCSSC play, FCSSC may respond in a number of different ways, including the following:

  • Player and/or team is asked to sit out for part of the game by the Game Host on-site
  • Player and/or team is expelled from the game by the Game Host on-site
  • Player and/or team receives a verbal and/or written warning
  • Player and/or team receives suspension for part of the season 
  • Player and/or team is expelled for the season
  • Player and/or team expelled from FCSSC for life

Please note that FCSSC will respond to incidents in the manner we deem appropriate, and that our decisions are not limited to or bound by the disciplinary actions and factors listed here.

Under no circumstances will players or teams be granted a refund as a result of expulsion.


Should a player be ejected from a game by FCSSC staff for competitive, aggressive or unsportsmanlike behaviour of any kind, the team on which the ejected player is a member must play the rest of the game less one player. For example, if the normal number of players on the field is 6 and one is ejected the team must play the rest of the game with just 5 players.


Schedules, Scores & Standings



Schedules will be posted on the FCSSC website (members-only, log-in required) after registration for the season closes and a minimum of 2 days before the first game of the season.  A schedule of games for the entire season will be posted whenever possible.


Schedules may change as a result of facility cancellations or unfit playing conditions, team match up considerations, team withdrawal/expulsion, and more. These changes are most often beyond FCSSC’s control and happen on short notice. Players are strongly encouraged to check the FCSSC website immediately before heading out to a game to be sure they have the most up-to-date game location/schedule information. FCSSC will do our best to email teams (and/or captains) in the event of a schedule change made with less than 24 hours notice.


Every reasonable effort will be made to reschedule games that are missed during the regular season for reasons including but not limited to facility closure, unsafe playing conditions and game stoppage due to inclement weather. If your team does not show up to play on game day and the field is playable, the game will not be rescheduled. Rescheduled games are not guaranteed. Rescheduled games will most likely occur on the season’s rain date, announced at the beginning of the season.


Score Reporting

It is the Game Host's responsibility to report the scores of each game. Scores will be inputted through our online score reporting tool as soon as the game is finished.


Score Disputes

Discrepancies or arguments regarding scores, complaints or any other ambiguous item must be dealt with within 2 business days after the latest posting of the scores on our website for the week in question. During the final week of the regular season, any and all discrepancies must be resolved by 5pm the following day. Captains should ensure that the score of their game has been recorded correctly by checking the FCSSC website. Score disputes that cannot resolved by the team captains will result in the game being recorded as a tie



Wins are worth 2 points, ties are worth 1 and losses are worth 0. If a team defaults, they will lose one point. Ties in the standings will be broken first on head-to-head play. If there are more than 2 teams that are tied, all the teams must have played each other once in order for the results to go to head-to-head. The scores from the last match-up will be scores used to determine the tie-break. Otherwise, least points against, then +/-, then most points for will determine the placement in that order. Standings are posted, and updated in real time, on the website.


Defaulting/Forfeiting a Game

Team (captains) that may not be able to field a full team are required to call the FCSSC office in advance to let them know that the team will be short. FCSSC strongly encourages all teams to attend with as many people as you can. You may be able to 1) play short of players (see below for process instructions), 2) borrow players from the other team to complete your roster, 3) invite the FCSSC Game Host to play for your team if they can 4) divide the players present into two evenly sized groups and just play for fun.


BEFORE the game starts, Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding the minimum number of players, and/or the gender minimum requirements. The captain from the team that is short players is responsible for asking the other captain for their agreement to have the game count (otherwise a default based on the failure to meet minimum roster requirements is assumed). In the first-and-foremost-for-fun spirit of FCSSC, team captains are encouraged to agree to an opponent’s request to have a game count. IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS!


Teams that default more than 2 games may be asked to leave the league without refund.


League Reseeding

Reseeding a league means changing the pool assignment and/or match-ups for each team based on the results/rankings achieved after a pre-determined number of games have been played. Reseeding is done to level the playing field. FCSSC prioritizes fun and believes that 1) it is more fun to play against teams of similar skill, 2) it is no fun to be beat/forced to invoke the mercy rules/blown out by your opponents week after week.


FCSSC reserves the right to reseed leagues, at our discretion, in order to protect and promote (more) fun for the majority of members in the league.


In the case of a league reseeding all teams will be (re)assigned to a pool based on their standings after a pre-determined number of games in the season (for example, teams ranked 1-10 will be assigned to Pool A, teams ranked 11-20 will be assigned to Pool B). As a result of the reseeding process, all teams’ records from the first games of the season will be erased on the scoreboard and standings reset. Spirit points are also reset as a result of reseeding.


The total number of games a team will play in a season does not change as a result of reseeding



FCSSC does our best to get as many teams playing in the playoffs as possible, however it is possible that NOT ALL teams will have a game during the final week of play. Players must check the schedule.

The following rules must be followed during playoffs:

  • FCSSC is first-and-foremost-for-fun. FCSSC reserves the right to remove from play-off action (and/or deny the title and prizes) any team that scores less than 4 spirit points during a play-off game. FCSSC will not tolerate a win-at-all-costs approach to play-offs and will not reward with a league championship a team or players who do not respect the rules and spirit of FCSSC.
  • No Ringers! To play on playoff nights players must have played a minimum of 2 regular season games (during 2 to 8 week seasons) or 3 games (during 9+ week seasons) for that team. For volleyball and dodgeball leagues, games = nights.
  • A player is only allowed to play for one team in each playoff round. Players cannot sub in for another team during the same round, most particularly in a championship game. Exception: a player may sub for another team in the same league during the same play-off round IF the game is not a championship game (ie, title on the line) and the team needing a sub would default the game without the substitute player (resulting in both teams being unable to play).


Foul Weather


Foul Weather Policies

FCSSC's goal is always to PLAY! We play in rain, snow or shine as long as play is safe and facilities are open.


Outdoor game cancellations may occur in the case of facility closures or exteme weather (thunderstorms or freezing temperatures. Decisions about game stoppage or cancellation are made AT THE GAME LOCATION, AT GAME TIME by FCSSC staff and/or team captains, so players should always show up for games as scheduled.


Indoor games may be cancelled if facilities close or transportation to play locations is deemed unsage. Travel conditions are deemed safe if local public transit is running.


If games must be cancelled before game time, FCSSC will notify league members by email and (if possible) text. Please be sure to toggle SMS Alerts to Yes under your player page to allow FCSSC to send texts to your phone number. Game cancellations will also be posted on the FCSSC website.


Reschedule Date

Every full season will have one make-up date in the event that games should be canceled. This make-up date will have no bearing on the standings. Playoff games will be held as scheduled based on the standings at this time, and any games held on the makeup date will be an extra game just for fun!


Foul Weather Mid Game - Outdoor

In the event of severe weather (thunderstorms, lightning, snowstorms, etc.) outdoor games should immediately be stopped and players should take the following actions:

  • Take cover away from open spaces and wait 15 minutes for the severe weather to pass. This stoppage of play should be done no more than twice in one game.
  • If the severe weather passes, continue play, picking up where the game left off.
  • If the severe weather does not pass, the following happens:
    Game Hosts will report the game stoppage to the FCSSC office, including the time remaining and score when the game was called.
    If the game was in the first half, the scores will NOT count and the game will be rescheduled. *Only one game per season will be rescheduled due to foul weather (See Reschedule Date).
    If the game was in the second half, the game will not be replayed and the score at the time of stoppage will be recorded as the final.


Foul Weather During Playoffs

In the event that a playoff game cannot be played as scheduled due to reasons beyond FCSSC'S control the following course of action will be taken:

  • If a semi-finals game is cancelled, the finals will be scheduled based on the league standings for the season.
  • If a finals game is canceled, the games will end in a tie and the two teams playing for first place will be crowned Co-Champions.
  • Playoff games that are canceled will be rescheduled to the make-up date at the end of the season. This make-up game will be for fun, and will have no impact on the result of the finals.


Registration, Credit & Refund Policy



Team and Individual registrations for FCSSC's leagues and events are only complete, and a spot in the league or event secure, when FCSSC has received:
1) complete registration information, AND
2) Payment in FULL

FCSSC's registration policy is FIRST-TO-PAY, FIRST-TO-PLAY.

FCSSC will charge an administrative fee of $35.00 + HST for all NSF cheques received for league or event registrations.



Refund Requests must be made BEFORE the Registration Deadline.

All requests must be submitted in writing to info@fcssc.ca. Please provide your first name, last name and reference # for your registration in the refund request email. Refund requests will not be accepted over the phone.

  • Leagues/Weekly Activities: Any team/individual requesting a refund up to, and including, the registration deadline will receive a full refund, less the administrative fee of $30.00 + tax for teams and $10.00 + tax for individuals.
  • Tournaments/Special Events: Any team/individual requesting a refund up to, and including, the registration deadline will receive a full refund, less the administrative fee of $30.00 + tax for teams and $10.00 + tax for individuals.
  • Please note that we are unable to offer refunds once a league, class, tournament or social event has been SOLD OUT.
  • Oversold or Insufficient Registration: If you have paid an individual registration in full and FCSSC is unable to place you on a team, you will receive a full refund within 8 to 10 business days. Please note every attempt will be made to place you on a team (i.e. following league policy for the mandated gender ratio).

There are no refunds after the registration deadline for any of our leagues, classes, tournaments or special events.
Exception: Teams/individuals may receive a refund if they find a replacement to take their spot. Before the refund is processed, the replacement must contact the FCSSC office to provide payment. Approval of any replacements is at the sole discretion of FCSSC, based on compliance with the gender ratios for the team, meeting the age requirement for the league and signing of the waiver.

NO REFUNDS, NO CREDITS will be granted in the following situations:

  • FCSSC combines INT & REC divisions of the same sport on the same night in order to avoid cancelling leagues or turning away interested players.
  • FCSSC changes the location or venue of a league for any reason. 
  • Players are not liking the team, or enjoying the league in which they have chosen to play, for any reason.
  • Players have voluntarily withdrawn from the league, for any reason.
  • Player injuries, change in physical condition or changes in personal circumstance (such as new job, shift change or moving out of town).
  • Teams or individuals suspended or ejected from FCSSC leagues for any reason.
  • Game cancellation due to facility closure.
  • For any games that were defaulted, cancelled or rescheduled for any reason. (Please note that there is one guaranteed Reschedule Date per season, as per our foul weather policy)
  • For players who do not meet public health requirements to participate.
  • For games missed due to self-isolation required for COVID prevention

*Registration, credit & refund policies are subject to change at any time.