Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about FCSSC? Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions below and click for the answer. Don't see your question here? Please contact the office at info@fcssc.ca or 519-439-GAME [4263].


When, how and why did FCSSC start in London?


FCSSC Founder, Kyla Woodcock, started FCSSC in August of 2009. She lived in Ottawa for a few years and played with the Ottawa Sport & Social Club while she was living there. She experienced the fun, friends, fitness and connection that FCSSC now offers to our members. When she moved to London, she missed the sport & social club experience, felt the need and saw the opportunity to bring improved quality of life to adults in our community.


How do I become a member?


Anyone who participates in FCSSC leagues or events is considered to be a member. Becoming a member is as easy as signing up for the league or event that interests you. If you’re not ready to get involved, just 'Like' us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram @fcssc to stay up to date on everything that's happening with the club.


Is there a membership fee?


No. We have a pay-for-what-you-play model. The only cost to you to join is the registration fee for the league or event of your choice.


What sports do you play?


FCSSC plays four seasons per year and offers 30-35 different sports/programs each season. We offer everything from Curling in the winter to Softball in the Summer. There are always old favourites or something new to try!


What equipment will I need to play?


In general, FCSSC will provide the basics, but there may be additional equipment that you're required to bring. To see the details for your league or activity, please visit our Equipment page.


Are your leagues co-ed?


Yes. Most of FCSSC’s leagues and events are co-ed with teams that comprised of mixed genders - this makes our leagues totally accessible to everyone. There are tons of people to meet and new friends to make with FCSSC.


Do you have referees?


No. All of FCSSC’s leagues are self-officiated and recreational. We prioritize fun and player safety. FCSSC employs Game Hosts who attend most games to help players and captains understand and play by the rules and also to help resolve any disputes that may arise, however rare.


What skill level is required to play in FCSSC leagues?


FCSSC’s leagues are all about the fun! We welcome players at all skill levels. We offer recreational and intermediate level leagues to accommodate players of all skill and experience levels. We do not offer competitive leagues. Though our leagues are divided by skill level, we expect all of our members to play with a recreational, sportsmanlike and for-fun attitude.


Players looking for a competetive league are encouraged to check out Summit Sports!


How old are FCSSC members?


Most FCSSC members are between 25-50 years of age. The minimum age to play is 19. All adults between 19 and young-at-heart are encouraged to join us!


How do I sign up?


All registrations are done through our website, and you can find our list of available leagues, class or (social) activities here. Use the icons at the top of the page to filter by sport or activity. Please select whether you'd like to sign up as a team and individual, then log in/create an account and finish the registration process. If the registration deadline has passed and you wish to inquire if there are any spots available, please contact the FCSSC office at info@fcssc.ca or 519-439-GAME [4263].


Can I sign up on my own or do I need to register a whole team?


FCSSC welcomes registrations from individuals, small groups and full teams. If you register as an individual or a small group we will roster you with other individual or small group registrants so that together you make a full team. It sometimes happens that we do not have enough individual players to form a full team. In that case, FCSSC will offer you a spot in another one of our leagues or a full refund of your registration fees.


I want to play on the same team as my friends, can I do that?


Absolutely. After you complete your registration, you will be able to invite your friends to join you through the blue "Invite Friends to Play" button on your player page. Enter your friends' email addresses or send them the sign-up link to invite them to play. Registering through this invitation will automatically link your registrations, so that you get rostered together. (Visit our Help Page for a video walk-through of this!)


Can I sign up more than one person at a time, using the same registration form?


Each member must sign up individually. Each member must have a unique profile, with a unique email address in our system, so each member must sign up individually. It is possible for one person to pay for multiple registrations at once. To do this you must contact FCSSC at 519-439-4263 or info@fcssc.ca. It is easiest to pay online for each individual's registration.


If I sign up, am I guaranteed a spot in the league?


FCSSC accepts registrations on a first-to-pay-first-to-play basis until a league sells out or until the registration deadline, whichever comes first. There are no guarantees but we work hard every season to find a way for everyone who wants to play to get in the game with us!


How do I sign the waiver?


All players must sign a waiver before stepping on the field/court, including subs. Players who register online for the league will have signed the waiver during the online registration process. Substitute players must sign a waiver, and can do online here. The Game Host will also have paper waivers available to sign courtside before playing.


Where are my games going to be?


The majority of games are played in gymnasiums or on courts/fields/diamonds that are within a 20 minute drive from downtown London. Most facilities are on the bus route and almost all have parking. You will likely play at a few different locations during the course of the season. FCSSC does not announce our final locations until AFTER REGISTRATION CLOSES because our game locations are determined by the size of the league. More teams = more gyms/courts/fields/diamonds.


How do I see the schedule of my games?


Once your registration is complete (paid) and the schedules are posted on-line, you will be able to log-in and view your schedule for the entire season on your player page. The schedule includes the date, game time, team match ups and game location, with a link to a map, driving directions and parking, as well as additional facility details. Schedules are posted only AFTER THE SEASON REGISTRATION DEADLINE to minimize the need for schedule changes and to also minimize the chance that members go to the wrong place/wrong time because they missed a schedule change. Schedules may change at any time due to facility closures, permit cancellations and team defaults, so we always recommend logging in on game day to confirm your game time and location. FCSSC will only send email notifications about changes if there was a change on game day. All teams and players are responsible for weekly confirmation of their own schedule.


Can friends and family watch me play?


In most cases, yes! However, if children are attending your game to cheer you on, they must be separated by some sort of barrier from the field of play that keeps them safe from an errant ball or player. Any children in attendance under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult at all times. This can be a substitute player or a guardian not involved in the game. It cannot be the FCSSC Game Host as they have other responsibilities.


If there is no barrier available children must be far enough from the field of play they cannot be struck by a ball. In attendance at a volleyball or basketball gym an adult must be within arms reach of a child to shield them from the ball. No player on your team or the opponents can guarantee full control of the game equipment so we need to keep everyone safe.


I might be interested in being a Team Captain. What do Captains have to do?


FCSSC does everything we can to make the Captain's job super easy. Team Captains are asked to:

  • Complete the team roster on-line so all teammates can see the schedule by simply logging in
  • Ensure all team mates have signed the FCSSC Waiver
  • Bring equipment (softball only) and a first-aid kit to each game
  • Ensure all team members know and play by the rules


Do you track scores and post standings?


Yes! After each game, the Game Host will report the score(s) on the website. All score-reporting is tracked and standings are generated and posted on the website, and can be found through your player page.


Are there any prizes?


Yes! FCCSC gives out a number of prizes and awards each season:

  • FCSSC Championship: Winning teams from each league will be win an exciting Championship Prize!
  • Steam Whistle Spirit Award: Presented to the team with the greatest fun factor and best sportsmanship. Teams are nominated and selected by FCSSC Game Hosts and Staff (one award per season)
  • Indy Award: Presented to an Individual Team that has come together over the season to feel like a real team, despite not knowing each other previously! Teams are nominated and selected by FCSSC Game Hosts and Staff (one award per night of play)

All prizes are presented at our End of Season Party!

What's the social part of the Forest Ciy Sport & Social Club?


FCSSC encourages all of our members to continue the fun that they’ve had on the court, off the court, after the game. To make that easier, FCSSC has partnered with fantastic pubs across the city who welcome us like regulars and offer our members exclusive deals. We also offer activities and events that have nothing to do with sports, like Pub Games, Book Clubs, Hiking groups or an Evening of Beer Tasting.


I heard that FCSSC members get exclusive deals from businesses around London. What are the member benefits?


FCSSC has a fantastic network of partners, each of which offers FCSSC members exclusive deals. Check out our Partners webpage for a complete list of these exclusive member benefits. If you are interested in partnering with FCSSC and wish to discuss the possibilities, please contact info@fcssc.ca.


How do I download my FCSSC digital keytag?


Adding your FCSSC digital keytag to your phone is easy! All you'll need to do is click the link included in your registration confirmation email and enter your name to add it to your phone's wallet. This digital keytag can be showed at some of our local partners to get member exclusive benefits. Check out details here!


Please note that you must download a digital keytag for each season that you play.


What is the REFUND POLICY?


Please check the FCSSC Refund Policy for complete details. In short, FCSSC will offer a partial refund (less administrative fee) to anyone who requests a refund, in writing, BEFORE THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE, unless the league or event is sold out. No refunds will be issued after the registration deadline.


I would like to work for FCSSC. Is FCSSC hiring?


As FCSSC’s membership grows so does our team of Game Hosts. Please check the FCSSC Job Postings to see what opportunities are currently available with the club.


What is the foul weather policy?


FCSSC Plays Rain, Snow or Shine! All FCSSC games go ahead in the rain/snow as long as play is safe and facilities are open, so please plan to attend all games, as scheduled. In the very rare instance that a field or diamond is closed before game time due to flooding conditions, FCSSC will notify affected league players email and (if possible) text, so please toggle SMS Alerts to Yes on your player page to allow us to text your phone number. Every full season will have a foul weather make-up date in the event of that games should be cancelled.

See our full Foul Weather Policy here.


What if my team can't make a scheduled game?


Team captains are responsible for informing FCSSC, with as much notice as possible, of any defaults prior to the scheduled game so that we can inform the other team and our staff.