Weather Update

Foul Weather Policies

FCSSC’s goal is always to PLAY! We play in rain, snow or shine as long as play is safe and facilities are open.

Outdoor game cancellations may occur in the case of facility closures or extreme weather (thunderstorms or freezing temperatures).

Decisions about game stoppage or cancellation are made AT THE GAME LOCATION, AT GAME TIME by FCSSC staff and/or team captains, so players should always show up for games as scheduled.   We play over a wide geography - thunderstorms in the east end do not mean storms in the south end, and severity and length of weather can change.  In most cases we need to know what’s happening WHERE THE GAME IS before we can cancel. 

Indoor games may be canceled if facilities close or transportation to play locations is deemed unsafe. Travel conditions are deemed safe if local public transit is running.

On rare occasions that  games must be canceled before game time, FCSSC will notify league members by email and (if turned on) text. Please be sure to toggle SMS Alerts to Yes under your player page to allow FCSSC to send texts to your phone number. 

Make-Up Date *NEW SUMMER 2024*
Every full outdoor season will have one make-up date in the event that games should be canceled during the regular season. All outdoor leagues will have a bye week one week before the semi-finals, which will be reserved for any potential make-up games. These make-up games will count in the standings for the finals.

We will do our best to offer make-up games for any additional games that are canceled, but no credits or refunds will be offered if we are unable to reschedule.

In the event that a cancellation results in teams playing an uneven amount of games in the season, the canceled game will be entered as a tie in the standings.

Foul Weather Mid-Game - Outdoor
In the event of severe weather (thunderstorms, lightning, snowstorms, etc.) outdoor games should immediately be stopped and players should take the following actions:

  • Take cover away from open spaces and wait 15 minutes for the severe weather to pass. This stoppage of play should be done no more than twice in one game.
  • If the severe weather passes, continue play, picking up where the game left off.
  • If the severe weather does not pass, the following happens:

Game Hosts will report the game stoppage to the FCSSC office, including the time remaining and score when the game was called.
If the game was in the first half, the scores will NOT count and the game will be rescheduled. *Only one game per season is guaranteed to be rescheduled due to foul weather (See Make-Up Date).
If the game was in the second half, the game will not be replayed and the score at the time of stoppage will be recorded as the final.


In the event that a playoff game cannot be played as scheduled due to reasons beyond FCSSC's control and is unable to be rescheduled, the following course of action will be taken:

  • If a semi-finals game is canceled, the finals will be scheduled based on the league standings for the season.
  • If a finals game is canceled, the games will end in a tie and the two teams playing for first place will be crowned Co-Champions.