Classes & Activities

Maybe you're not into team sports. Maybe you are, but you want instruction before playing. Maybe you want more social, less sport.

FCSSC's Classes & Activities are for you! These programs, which change seasonally, are all about trying something new, improving your skills, or just having fun with friends. All classes (or lessons) are instructor-led. Some of the programs are too (but some are not!). Please read the program details carefully before registering.  

Classes & Activities this Winter include:

  • Golf Lessons
  • Hiking & Snowshoeing Series
  • Rock Climbing
  • Pickleball Lessons
  • Yoga in the Ballroom



Class & Activites are available for individual registration only, no teams. However, please feel free to invite your friends to join you!


Classes & Activities are typically held weekly on a consistent day (i.e. every Tuesday) and many offer multiple sessions throughout the season. You can see all of the current Classes & Activities offerings by clicking on the offerings in the Classes & Activities dropbox menu above.


Note** Some classes have multiple sessions and registration deadlines vary.