Summit Sports

Summit Sports

August 9, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Summit Sports to bring the best adult-only sport leagues to London and area!

Summit Sports began in 2021, led by the fantastic Dave Ward. FCSSC and Summit offer sport leagues for two different kinds of players in our community. FCSSC has been delivering the most fun, recreational, co-ed adult sports leagues in our community for 13 years, while Summit offers a competitive and refereed playing experience, with men’s, women’s, and coed sports leagues.

So why have we teamed up?

To stay focused on what we each do best! FCSSC is the best game for players who want to make friends and have fun. Summit is the best game for competitive players who love to win against a challenging opponent.

FCSSC members will notice a few changes to our Fall line-up as a result of this new affiliation. We have expanded our recreational, for-fun sport leagues, added more social leagues and “learn to play” options. And we have discontinued leagues that have a history of competitive play that should be refereed. Summit Sports offers a competitive, refereed option for ALL these discontinued leagues and FCSSC will happily encourage and connect anyone who is interested in playing with Summit!

We are stronger together, and hope that our community is just as excited about this new affiliation as we are. 🎉

Got any questions about FCSSC and Summit teaming up, or what it means for you? Send us a message! We're always happy to chat. ❤️